Limu Original Product Information

It is not easy to get all the nutrients we need. Not only is our food over processed but the soils in which they are produced have been depleted of nutrients for years. Original Limu is a one stop shop to give your body all it needs in order to be healthy. Limu is a super food packed full of over 70 vitamins and minerals, 20 amino acids, and a ton of antioxidants.

The main nutrient found in Limu, that set this super food apart from any other, is Fuccoidan. Fuccoidan is a super nutrient not found in any land based plants. Only in this particular species of sea vegetable can this nutrient be found. Studies on Fuccoidan have been published in over 900 third party peer reviewed articles on . Pubmed is a government regulated medical website. Some doctors and scientist believe Fuccoidan is the most power super nutrient ever discovered.

Limu also aids in weight loss! A nutrient in Limu called Lecithin helps to break down fatty deposits under the skin and the high fiber content helps to satisfy hunger. The iodine in Limu helps to stimulate an underactive thyroid, which has been linked to slower metabolism and weight gain. Limu also helps to stabilize blood sugars making it easier for your body to use the food you ingest as energy instead of storing it as fat. Once Limu fills in the missing nutrient building blocks that your body needs extreme food cravings are limited.

Limu is completely natural and does not interact with prescription medications. Original Limu is our golden key to rapid weight loss and an overall healthy body. Our clients have had astonishing results and continue to implement this supplement into their daily life style even after completion of the HCG diet.

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